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It's Not for Everyone

This is counter-intuitive, but sometimes it helps if you hide the coolest new instrument. Let’s say it’s a Breedlove 12 string, maybe a Pursuit Exotic Myrtlewood with an extra-pretty top? Not everyone has a 12 string, but everyone wants one. What if you put it in a case behind the counter?

Then when each known guitarist came in, you said: “Hey I was just thinking of you! I wanted you to check something out” and you put the case on the counter and presented the guitar to them? Maybe told them “I just wasn’t ready for everyone to want to play it”.

Yes, it is counter-intuitive, but I have seen beautiful instruments never get played because no one puts them in a customer’s hands. If you hide the coolest instrument with the intention of demo’ing it, you will demo it more anything on the wall.

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